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Written in 2017, while on the hunt for a job

Things I notice while I am on the hunt for the job that suits me:  

  • If I count all my volunteer work, internships and side jobs, I have more than 8 years of experience compared to a normal fulltime job (1920 hours a year). I am only 24 years old. How can anyone tell me I am not experienced enough? (You can check the list of my job experience in hours on the end of this page)
  • The keywords ‘world changer job opportunity’ don’t give me a lot of hits on Google. I would love to do all kinds of jobs, and I think I am very capable of doing a whole list of different things. I just want to work together with others to learn, explore and develop myself and my surroundings, so I can leave the world a bit better.
  • I am accidently quoting the scouts law in every letter I write, in one way or another (see above). Also the mission and vision statement from WAGGGS and WOSM and quotes of Baden Powel regularly pass my desk. I don’t do this on purpose.
  • There are not enough women on the right positions. All boards are mostly men. I am your opportunity to change that!
  • Why did I ever choose to study social work? This is my field, this is where my heart is, this is what I want to do, maybe not even now but at least at some point in my life. I don’t want to work in IT, finance or HR. But it would be so much easier to find a job in a sector like that!
  • I am getting crazy of adapting my passion and vision to the job I apply for. It’s not like I am lying, but I do have to adapt the spotlights. In the end, I almost feel like I have a split personality disorder. One identity loves that job, the next one that other job, and so on… (Voor de Nederlanders: Hoe heet het als je dat waar jij voor staat een beetje veranderd zodat het beter past bij de functie? Een AanPassie…)

Every company wants to be the only true one for you. Like love at the first sight. First of all, I don’t believe in love at the first sight. Also, I don’t know if I believe that much in monogamist infinite love. And then what? This is about jobs, not true love, and I just need to earn some money. Of course I only apply if I like the job. But that one suit fits me perfectly, and I really love it, doesn’t mean I cannot have another equally favourite suit. Or dress, for that matter. Why don’t we turn it around? Why don’t the companies come to me and prove me they suit me well? Hereby my employee opportunity:


Are you looking for that employee that fits perfectly to the job opportunity you have? A connecter with empathy and feeling for people and culture? Don’t look further. You found her here! I am a creative, energetic, positive person. I finished my Bachelor degree Pedagogy (social work, child development) last year in July. After doing volunteer work in Sri Lanka for a couple of months, I am now on the lookout for that job that makes me happy. Because I believe that if a job makes me happy, I will be the most dedicated and hard-working employee, manager, trainer, researcher, leader or whatever you want to name me, that you have ever known. I am a scout leader since ten years and also a trainer in diversity, gender equality and body confidence. I am fluent in three languages (Dutch, German and English) and know the basics of three more languages (Dutch sign language, Sinhala, Frisian). I am also an experienced tour guide. What I am looking for in a company or oranisation: 
I want to support people, preferably children and their educators, to reach their full potential. To reach this, an environment should be created where people feel secure and supported, and dare to rely on their own strength.   I like to be challenged, so I can use my creativity to find innovative solutions no one ever thought of before. I am empathic and able to see the situation from different perspectives. I love traveling, connecting with others or helping others to connect, learning new things and diving into new situations or cultures. I am cultural sensitive and enjoy working with diverse people.
I love learning new things or practicing new skills. I am an idealist, a warm-hearted peopleperson (direct translation from the Dutch word ‘mensenmens’) looking for that new, exciting challenge. Do you dare to challenge me? To apply or for more information, contact me on:   My job experience: A fulltime job is 48 weeks a year times 40 hours, which is a total of 1920 hours a year. ü  As a scout leader, I have a total of 1600 hours experience, 400 Saturdays spread over 10 year. A quarter of this experience is as a team leader. ü  As a participant, volunteer or leader I have a total of 7200 hours of camp experience, as well on a regional, national and international level. (3.5 years of fulltime job experience) ü  As a trainer I have more than 300 hours experience which is a total of 70 trainings or training days. ü  5200 hours or 2.5 years of fulltime job experience working in restaurants, of which 1/8th as a manager. ü  Tourguide and animation work: 90 days, 16 hours a day; 1440 hours or half a year of experience. ü  Living in another country: a total of 1 year in Sri Lanka (8 months) and Austria (4 months) ü  Internships social work: 1540 hours of internships in social work with children with difficulties because of their backgrounds or abilities. ü  Working in an after school club: 1000 hours in total or 0.5 year. This is a total of more than 8 years of job experience. I am only 24 years old. This is not including any studies I did, seminars and trainings I followed or certificates I have.

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